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Accessibility Statement


Sky Telecom Offers, The nation’s leading telecom company, For its customers telecommunications services and works to provide telecommunications services using advanced technologies,
Sky Telecom provides its customers with a number of advanced communications services for all devices.

The company values the delivery of services to all individuals and groups. especially for persons with disabilities.

Access arrangements

Sky Telecom provides remote support services, Enabling persons with disabilities to receive appropriate solutions to meet all different needs. In particular, those in need of special assistance.

Access information on the website.

The site has been created with great care and meets international standards, To allow the consolidation of content for all browsers and the use of auxiliary software indicating the structure of the site and the item displayed.

The content of the site is available in several languages, including Hebrew, Arabic and English.
The website is responsive, The size of the elements and the structure of the site are adjusted on the display screen, It also fits all screens and mobile devices.

for the website, There is an accessibility control located at the bottom of the site on the left side of each page, So people who need help or change the appearance of the website can do so through this button.

  • This website complies with the equal rights requirements of persons with disabilities (accessibility modifications) – 2013.
  • Accessibility adjustments were made in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (ת”י 5568) for accessibility of online content at the AA level and international WCAG2.0 document.
  • The website is supported by all famous browsers in its latest versions and is convenience for mobile devices, The website has access control for easy content viewing modification.
  • Because the website is appropriate and responsive, The display size on the website can be optimized appropriately.
    • When pressing the Ctrl key and + key (plus) at the same time the screen will be enlarged.
    • When you press the Ctrl key and key – (minus) at the same time the width will be minimized.
    • on Mac computers, Use the cmd key and + key (plus to zoom) or key – (minus to zoom).
  • The site provides support for keyboard use, If there are people who have difficulty using mouse.
    • Use the Tab button to navigate forward and between the website homepages.
    • When you hit the Tab + Shift button at the same time you will go back to the previous selected section.
    • Use the Enter button to activate a control element or access a link.
    • Use the space switch to maintain distance or click to turn on or off an item.

Please note that, despite the many work and tests carried out in different browsers, It is possible to find parts of the site that you were unable to use properly.
We strive to provide information and content with equality for all people, especially for persons with disabilities.

Site operation and access assistance

The website has an accessibility control that appears on each page, so that it allows to change the offer according to the user’s fit.

  • The website clearly displays the important element you would like to focus on through – intermittent font frame
  • Clicking on Access Control will unlock the menu of options
  • You can highlight the links you can navigate to
  • The content of the site is presented in Rubik line, It is a clear and fun character structure
    However, The font on the site can be changed to another readable font
  • The images fit the website with display screen, The display can also be enlarged
  • You can change color variation on website, Or light contrast with grey and white, Or high contrast using bright colors
  • Details of the visual features that can be performed on the site are explained within the button

The website was tested in various simulations to simulate extreme situations, It was also tested by aXe software and met all the tested criteria.
It is important to note that there may be files displayed in PDF as an original document in its form and language, Whether it’s a photocopy of the document or a link to an original PDF file, These contents are not presented as part of the structure of the site and therefore may not be readable to the visually impaired or able to respond to control accessibility.

Ways to connect to the site access button and suggestions for improvement

We make every effort to uphold high standards.
If you have difficulties using the site during your browsing, Please contact us so that we can provide you and others who will face a similar problem with a solution that can access the content.
You can contact us via the “Contact Us” button on our website, It is our pleaasure to serve you.

The accessibility statement was updated on 26 August 2021.