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Suspension of Services

Disconnect of service

It is a temporary cut-off of one of the company’s services or all the services available to the joint number.
You may request the company to stop all services at the company’s common number, Once a year, for not less than thirty days and not more than 90 days.
Below is how the application is submitted and the details required to process the application. After the resumption of services to the participant, You will continue to collect fees according to the rates and terms of the plan under which the invoice was issued prior to termination, Unless the rates and conditions of the plan are changed during the period of the interrupted subscription of all numbers in that plan or in the event that the promotion period expires during the interrupted period or in any other case where the program has been changed in accordance with its terms.

Suspension of service

is a permanent suspension of the services offered by the company to the customer line, Below is how the application is submitted and the details required to process the application.

Termination of the contract

is a final stop for all services available to the number in the company, and contract termination.

How to submit and the required details:

You may submit a written or oral request for a reduction in services and/or stop services and/or contract termination.
Address: Hamginim Street 32 Haifa
Or for e-mail:
Submit a Customer Service Request (CSR) by calling * 3610.

The company shall execute the order within the timeframes specified in the notice.
If an appointment is set during off-duty hours – the application will be made immediately on the first working day after the scheduled date.
If time is not specified in the application, It will be automatically executed by the company within working days after the notice is delivered to the company.

In order to execute your order, You must enter the following credentials:

  • Phone number required for the transaction.
  • Identification number of the accountholder.
  • The last four numbers of the payment method registered in the company
  • e-mail address

We look forward to serving you.